Welo Opal Ethiopian Round Untreated Gem 925 Silver Gents Ring size 9.5 Design 52


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This is a truly hand-hammered Sterling silver gents ring in a handsome solitaire style # 52 in my online catalog. This masculine design is perhaps the most popular style of gents ring in the world. This was the first style of ring that my instructor guided me through in hammering out a ring when I was learning silversmithing. A great design for wearing a solitary gem. A full bezel around the gem ensures the most secure mount available. The head of the ring is hammered out, expanded to allow for the size of the underside of the gemstone. The band is slopes from the head to the back in a curve and is built heavy. This design is known to be very comfortable, showcases the gem well and is secure at the same time. The gemstone is a Welo Opal cabochon, an untreated Ethiopian gem. The base is a translucent white and it is loaded with flashing colors from all angles. This is an 11 mm round weighing about 3.40 carats. The weight of this well built ring is about 7.8 grams. This hand crafted ring is a size 9 in the USA, inside diameter of 0.746 inches or 18.95mm, the inside circumference is 2.34 inches or 59.5mm, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand it is a size R½, in India, China and Japan it is a size 18, and in Switzerland it is a size 19.6.