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Thai Star Sapphire Black 11×9 mm Oval Cabochon Natural Gemstone 5.36 carat


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Thai Star Sapphire Black 11×9 mm Oval Cabochon Natural Gemstone 5.36 carat


This exciting gem is a black Thai Star Sapphire from Ban Katcha near the Cambodian border. It is unusal compared to other star Sapphires as it contains Hematite as well as Rutile which gives the stone a grayish blue and a golden black color. This is a natural star, not diffused, complete with six rays. It is nicely orientated to the center of the gem and is medium in brightness as well as in sharpness. This gem is an oval cabochon that measures 11.0 x 8.9 x 4.4 mm that weighs 5.36 carat. This is an opaque gem of fine quality, no visible cracks or flaws without magnification. A hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, suitable for many types of jewelry. Sapphire is the birthstone of September.

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Being a gemologist, living in Thailand and having a precision gem cutter work for me gives me many opportunities to provide the right gemstones for you. The gem markets here are nothing short of amazing, I shop in four different gem districts across the country and the variety is world class. Adding that to my network of contacts in the mining business around the world creates a very large base from which to source fine gemstones at very affordable prices. 
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When you need gemstones for a specific project you may purchase the feature stone AND the exact number of accent stones from our shop here. Before we get a chance to ship them you may send us a message to request we make you a personal listing for a custom order piece of jewelry using those gems. Browse my gemstones category to see over 1000 gems ready to go, yours may be there waiting! Feel free to let me know what stones you have in mind as there is a good chance that I either have them in stock, can find them in a gem market or will have them custom cut. 
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Do you already own gemstones that you would like to use in jewelry? You may also send them to me to have us create your own LEE. Please note that I am happy to work with your personal stones but I do not have any insurance to protect them, thus the stones will be at your risk only. When we use a stone from my store I back the stone for the purchase price, however, I do not guarantee or insure a stone that I did not sell. That said, it is not common that one breaks or is damaged in setting.
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We are happy to make you a custom piece of jewelry with Sterling 925 silver and/or 18K yellow gold. We also can use 999 silver and higher karat yellow gold at your request. Select your own style by browsing my online selection catalog with over 500 of my designs or I also have a partial catalog you may use now right here on ebay:
I will create a special listing right here just for you so you can still enjoy the comfort of being on ebay while having a custom piece of jewelry truly handmade. As an alternative to my catalog, you may send me an item number of a piece you see, a picture or even a picture of a sketch you drew, however, I do not like to draw or use CAD but you are welcome to do so.
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Perhaps I have already made a piece that is just right for you. Please browse my entire selection of over a thousand jewelry items in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

I try to provide you a complete view of each piece with one still picture and about a 40 second video. They are each taken with high magnification and show details similar to viewing with a 10-20X loupe. My children usually take the videos and the pictures are not photo-shopped. They are not perfect quality but are sufficient to understand the level of craftsmanship involved in the lapidary work and the quality of the gem material. This also ensures that the gems will look even more beautiful in real life.

I would like to thank you for looking at my online stores. This is not an auction, you have no time spent waiting for an item to end and there is no bidding so less stress. You may simply purchase your items immediately and we will ship them right out, usually every other day is a post office day. 

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Here is a shot of my wife May and I on an early morning, ready for the rough stone market at the northern border of Thailand.
Customer service is the main thing that May and I am selling on ebay. It is of the utmost importance to us that you enjoy your shopping experience with us. Please let us know whenever we can be handy.


You may use Pay Pal as well as a wide range of other options. Be sure to contact me with any questions, I am happy to help you.



We normally ship immediately, within the next 1 or 2 days after payment, on all in stock items. It’s your choice on the shipping method, Registered or Express. You may select on your invoice. Both are dependable, insured and have tracking. You may want give me a telephone number to list on the package when using Express. Please note that any custom duty or other tax added by a third party such as your country’s government is your responsibility only.



All of my items are returnable, even custom orders. I will ask questions though, because I aim to improve on anything that my buyers don’t appreciate so it is important for me to know your reason.




You may shop in comfort and buy with confidence. I am an American gemologist and a silver and gold smith running a small shop in Thailand where we hand hammer solid pieces that are heirloom quality. We do not cast anything, use any machine made components or ever use any glue in our completely hand made jewelry. I also have a very skilled lapidary artist for precision faceted gemstones. Each of my gemstones is hand selected and is warranted to be accurately identified and all known treatments are disclosed. We are a family run business striving to serve you in the best possible ways.



Email me for a fast answer, I check messages at least twice daily unless I am traveling or am on holiday. Should you like to speak to me personally you may message me your telephone number and either your time zone or your location so that I may call you at a decent hour such as 9AM to 9PM or you may specify a more exact time.



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