Spinel Flower and Maw Sit Sit Leaves Handmade Sterling Silver Brooch Ladies Pin


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Here is an elegant design in a hefty and well dressed ladies gemstone brooch. This pin is hand hammered Sterling silver crafted into style # 450 of my online selection catalog. The foundation of this piece is a solid plate. The gems are mounted over ajoure style cut outs in the plate. The feature gem is prong set into the solid basket, a secure mount that leaves most of the gem on display. The back of the basket is open to allow plenty of light to enter the gem. The leaves of this array are full bezel set for ultimate durability. The pin itself is angle-mounted across the back. The one end is in a hinge on the bottom of the back with the sharpened end nestled into a C hook. The entire working mechanism is also made by hand with Sterling silver, a purist concept. This flower gem carving feature is a natural Spinel from Asia that has had no treatments. It is a reddish purple with only moderate inclusions and measures about 9.5 mm across and weighs 2.72 carat. The three leaves are Maw Sit Sit gems and are natural and untreated. I had these custom cut for this style of design. They measure about 23, 18 and 14 mm tall and weigh a total of 7.43 carats. This handsome pin is about 33 mm tall. The weight of this piece is about 10.2 grams.