Pendant Indonesian Coral Fossil Round Cab Silver Unisex Curvy Wavy Design 265


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This exact Sterling silver pendant is in stock and is ready for immediate shipping.


This is a unisex pendant with a long and curvy drop from the rigid bail to the solitaire head, design # 265 in our online style selection catalog. The feature gemstone is set with three prongs and the back is open.


The unique gemstone is an Indonesian fossilized Coral cabochon with a single polyp flower centered on the gem designed with clever lapidary work. This coral is not endangered as live coral often is, as this is instead an ancient fossil of a coral. This opaque gem measures 12.5 x 12.5 x 5.5 mm and weighs 6.20 carat. It has had no treatments, completely natural. This pendant is a rather large size that measures about 46 mm top to bottom. It will accommodate your chain up to approximately 3 mm and weighs 6.8 grams.


You may custom order a pendant in this design # 265 with another gemstone from our sites and it will be ready to ship in about 2-4 weeks. The gem can be most any shape and we will create the pendant around it. Once we know your desires we will create the custom order listing for you to purchase on this site.

We are happy to make you a custom piece of jewelry with Sterling 925 silver or 18K yellow gold. You may also request that we use 999 silver or 965 yellow gold. Furthermore, you may decide on a combination of our metals such as a gold bezel in a silver piece.