Pendant Green Sapphire Handmade 925 Silver Awareness Support Ribbon Design 486


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This exact Sterling silver pendant is in stock and is ready for immediate shipping.


This is a flowing design of an awareness support ribbon, a rigid pendant in a handsome looped style, # 486 in the online design
selection catalog. This design features bead set accent stones on each side of the ribbon and each end of the ribbon is notched. The loop makes the generous bail.


There are 8 round faceted 3 mm light green Sapphire gems weighing a total of 1.13 carat elegantly bead set on the ribbon shape. They are eye clean clarity and are lightly saturated, a soft green color. These gems are naturally mined in Ceylon then heated by the traditional method.

This fine piece measures about 26 mm tall. It will accommodate your chain or slide up to about 3.75 mm.

We started this project by melting down fine silver and pure copper to create an ingot of 93% silver alloy. Consequently our alloys are a little on the rich side of .925 Sterling. Copper alone is the  remaining 7%. We do not add base metal in our alloy so there is less chance for any allergic reaction.


You may custom order a pendant in this design # 486 with other gemstones and it will be ready to ship in about 2-4 weeks. The gem’s shapes will be ideally round. You may select the gems from our complete inventory on the main website then message us for a quote. Once we know your desires we will create the custom order listing for you to purchase on this site.

We are happy to make you a custom piece of jewelry with Sterling 925 silver or 18K yellow gold. You may also request that we use 999 silver or 965 yellow gold. Furthermore, you may decide on a combination of our metals such as a gold bezel in a silver piece.