Pendant Blue Spinel Rhodolite Garnet Hexagonal Six Point Star Silver Design 469


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This exact Sterling silver pendant is in stock and is ready for immediate shipping.


Here is a unique hexagonal star gemstone pendant, design # 469 of our online style selection catalog. Each gemstone was custom cut specifically for this design as they must be very precisely matched to each other. The gems are each bezel set into the main frame of the star without baskets thus keeping the look more clean and sharp. These open and secure mounts that leave most of the gem on display require high skill by the smith. The star and the circle around it are sawed from a single piece, ajoure work rather than soldering. Ajoure is more laborious yet creates a piece that will stay bright longer since there is less solder. The base ring on the back is separated from the main frame with post to allow your chain to be threaded right through. This simplistic yet well thought out design forms spaces to allow light entrance into all the gems from the sides and from the open backs.


The feature gem is a sparkling lab created Blue Spinel in a bright sky blue color and very easily eye clean clarity. This handsome stone has a hardness of 8 and nearly the same chemical composition as naturally mined Spinel. This one was hand precision faceted and measures 11 x 11 x 6.5 and weighs 6.68 carat.

The star point gems are natural Rhodolite Garnets, a dark raspberry red purple color and have had no treatment. These trillions are hand precision faceted 5.8 mm with mixed clarity, mostly eye clean and some are just slightly included with a combined weight of about 3 carat. Garnet is the birthstone for January.

The outside diameter of this circular pendant is about 31.5 mm or 1.25 inches.
The base ring on the back is separated from the main frame with post to allow your chain, up to about a 3.75 mm, to be threaded right through the design.

The weight of this well built pendant is about 8.6 grams.


You may custom order a pendant in this design # 469 with other gemstones and it will be ready to ship in about 2-4 weeks. The gem’s shapes will need to fit the openings in the star, a hexagon and six triangles. You may select the gems from our complete inventory on the main website then message us for a quote or we may need to custom cut them first. Once we know your desires we will create the custom order listing for you to purchase on this site.

We are happy to make you a custom piece of jewelry with Sterling 925 silver or 18K yellow gold. You may also request that we use 999 silver or 965 yellow gold. Furthermore, you may decide on a combination of our metals such as a gold bezel in a silver piece.