Natural Red Ruby Mozambique Heated Gem Handcrafted 925 Ring size 6.75 Design 530


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Here is a truly hand-hammered unisex ring with a simple yet elegant look in a solitaire style that can be stacked on the same finger with more rings. This sturdy stackable design is # 530 of our online design selection catalog. The gemstone sits securely and protected in a full bezel. The band is a sleek comfort design that is durable enough for everyday wear.


The gemstone is a Ruby from Mozambique, natural Corundum heated with flux. This Ruby measures 6.6 x 3.8 x 2.9 mm weighing .86 carat in a moderately heavy included clarity. Ruby is the birthstone for July.


This ring weighs about 2.9 grams

This hand crafted ring is a size 6¾ in the USA, inside diameter of 0.674 inches or 17.12mm, the inside circumference is 2.12 inches or 53.8mm, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand it is a size N, in India, China and Japan it is a size 13.5, and in Switzerland it is a size 14.6.

Re-sizing or re-building to another size with the same gemstones is free!

Re-sizing one of our rings can often be done quite easily by hammering and re-polishing when only increasing by a size or so and there will be no noticeable delay in the shipping time. When we need to have the size decreased at all or increased by more than about one size then I have to ask you to be patient as it will need to re-enter the queue and will be ready for shipping in about 30 days. Right after you make the purchase be sure to message me about the new size before I have a chance to ship.