Jade Happy Buddha Laughing Burmese Jadeite Carving Untreated Stone Pendant


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This Jade pendant is the classic Laughing Happy Buddha expertly carved from Burmese Jadeite. The combination of colors as shown in the pictures is accurate. A flashlight was used to show the translucency and color in this fine piece. It is natural and untreated stone also known as A grade. The top is drilled, ready to be hung.

The Happy Buddha aka the Laughing Buddha emerged from Chinese folktales of the 10th century. The original stories were about a Ch’an monk named Qieci, from Fenghua, in what is now the province of Zhejiang. This fat man was an eccentric but much-loved character who performed small wonders, such as predicting the weather. According to Chinese history he lived during 907-923 CE which means he lived considerably later than the historical thin Buddha.

Weights and Measures

This pendant measures 47 mm by 42 mm and has thickness of 11 mm and it weighs 36.6 grams.