Jade Baby Bangle Burmese Jadeite Comfort D Cut Round Bracelet 42.9 mm Size 5.3


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Stone Bangle Bracelet Description and Specifications

   Identification    Jadeite Jade
   Treatment    A grade, no dye or resin detected
   Color     Colors are most accurately shown in the photos provided
   Shape    round
   Inside Diameter Size     approximately 42.9 mm inside diameter,  about size 5.3 inches inside circumference
   Cutting    hand crafted comfort D cut
   Thickness    varies, approximately 6.1 mm
   Width    varies, approximately 13.6 mm
   Weight    approximately 31.1 grams
   Clarity    mainly opaque, some translucence
   Origin    Burma aka Myanmar
   3rd Party Report    AIGS report available for $75, takes about two weeks
  SKU for referencing   37987




About Stone Bangles

Bangles are thought to store ones personal powers. Many people never take one off once they put it on. If one breaks during an accident it is said it saved a bone from being broken. Wear it in good health!!

Are you curious to know what size bangle is right for you and don’t have access to a bangle sizer? Lay your hand palm down onto a metric ruler with your fingertips touching one another. With the other hand grasp your thumb and little finger above the knuckles and squeeze them towards each other, making your hand as narrow as possible then check the measure. You will want a bangle that you can barely get on in order for it to better fit your wrist.

Good to use lotion or a plastic bag to put a stone bangle on and also to take one off, this will make it last longer as it does not become stressed. Avoid putting it on and off often, best left on long term.