Heliodor Yellow Emerald Green Garnet Gents Ladies Handmade Silver Ring re-sized


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Here is a truly handmade Sterling silver designer ring with a light yellow Beryl aka Heliodor aka Yellow Emerald flanked by green Tsavorite Garnets in my style #89 of my online selection catalog. This handsome Heliodor gem is a subtle yellow color with flashes of fire that show white and pale yellow color as well. It is of VS eye clean clarity and has a very good cut and polish. Treatment is not known and untreated Beryl is found in this color, however, many in this color have been irradiated to enhance the color and since there is no evidence remaining it is difficult to be sure either way. It weighs 2.08 carat and is a classic cushion rectangle cut measuring 9.2 x 6.7 x 4.3mm. The partial bezels on the top and bottom of the stone ensures a solid mounting. The eight accents that flank the feature stone are 2.0mm well saturated grass green Tsavorite Garnets with SI2 clarity. These are faceted rounds of untreated African origin. These are bead set for an interesting and colorful design statement in the floral and leaf ajoure work. This artistic creation was made with a fine saw and a drill, many would call it filigree, however, filigree is wire work and this statement was made simply by expertly cutting away. These gems have a hardness of about 8 and 7 on Moh’s scale and being in a hand hammered piece ensures a ring that will stay good looking a long, long time with minimal care. All rings should be removed before doing any physical labor. This ring size is a 10.25 in the USA, inside diameter of 20mm, the inside circumference is 62.7mm, in the United Kingdom, Ireland Australia and New Zealand it is a size U, in India, China and Japan it is a size 21, and in Switzerland it is a size 22.33.