Hackmanite Gemstone Handmade Sterling 925 Silver Cuff Unisex Bracelet


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Here is a truly hand-crafted cuff bangle bracelet with a natural cabochon of Hackmanite gemstone prong mounted in ornate filigree wire work. The wire work is properly known as filigree and is valued as art in many jewelry circles. This is an all natural and untreated gem, a great stone to amaze your friends. Take it out of the house and into the sun and watch it grow more intensely purple right before your eyes. This is a great illustration of the phenomenon of tenebrescence. Hackmanite is a member of the cubic crystal habit and is a Sodalite. Hardness is 5-6. This style of bracelet will fit most anyone as it is adjustable and being a cuff design the back is open making it easy to put on. Being silver wire it can be opened or closed and bent to fit your size. Currently it is 60mm x 50mm with the opening being 15mm. This design is generally for ladies yet is quite masculine so I will call it unisex. It is a comfortable design as well. This fine cuff bracelet is very durable and can be worn everyday in gentle environments.