Green Peridot Pink Sapphire Cushion Halo Ladies Handmade Silver Ring size 9.25


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This is a truly hand-hammered Sterling silver ladies ring with lettuce green Peridot and Pink Sapphire gemstones. This handsome style of ring is a variation of design #331 in my online catalog and features a square cushion design with a full bezel on the feature gem and elegant bead setting on the accents. This design really showcases the gem and accents the cushion shape of the gem with the halo of accents and an octagonal head as well. This ring is designed with an elevated head so that it may be worn with another band slightly underneath the head. Decorative ajoure work fills the gap between the band and the raised head. This sparkling feature gem is an 8 mm pineapple faced cushion with nearly eye clean interior weighing 2.21 carats. It originated in Asia and has had no heating or treatment. The sixteen accents are 1.6mm round faceted natural Sapphires with heat only. With a hardness of 7.5 and 9 in these gems, this ring can worn daily, however, all rings should be removed before doing work. The entire weight of this well built ring is about 4.1 grams. This ring size is a 9.25 in the USA, inside diameter of 0.754 inches or 19.15mm, the inside circumference is 2.37 inches or 60.2mm, in the United Kingdom, Ireland Australia and New Zealand it is a size S, in India, China and Japan it is a size 18.5, and in Switzerland it is a size 20.25.