Dark Red Purple Garnet Sterling Bracelet Hinged Bangle 54 mm 6.7 inch Design 305


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Ladies Dark Red Purple Garnet Bracelet Handmade 925 Silver Hinged Bangle 53mm




This round bangle bracelet is style # 305 of our online design selection catalog. Each gemstone is full bezel mounted. The band of this unique bracelet has a hinge that allows it to open and close with three locks to keep it securely in place. The band is ornate with filigree/ajoure work all the way around. This intricately decorated creation measures 54 x 54mm and weighs 19.8 grams. All Sterling silver.
These gems are dark red purple and red orange Garnets from Madagascar. They are slightly included, are strongly saturated color, 7mm hand faceted rounds.















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