Dark Red Spinel and White Sapphires Unisex Handmade Sterling 925 Ring size 9.5


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This is a truly hand-hammered Sterling silver ring with a deep red Spinel accented by White Sapphire gemstones. This handsome feature gem is partial bezel set for real security. The accents are cleanly flush set, two on each side. This design showcases the gem on a tapered band making the gems stand out. The Spinel gem is a 6.5mm faceted cushion and weighs 1.34 carats. It is untreated and originated in Asia. This gem is slightly included and has only a fair polish. It does have bright red flashes of fire in the light. The accents are 2.5mm faceted rounds that are natural with traditional heat only and show no visible inclusions. This ring size is a 9.5 in the USA, inside diameter of 0.762 inches or 19.35mm, the inside circumference is 2.39 inches or 60.8mm, in the United Kingdom, Ireland Australia and New Zealand it is a size S½, in India, China and Japan it is a size 19, and in Switzerland it is a size 20.9.