Chevron Agate Burmese Amethyst 10 mm Rounds 925 Studs Post Earrings Design 80


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This style is a post style pair of stud earrings, design # 80 of our online design selection catalog. This sturdy pair of earrings is a post style with removable backs, a classic stud design. The baskets are slotted for better light entrance into the gems and four hand-pulled wire prongs secure each stone. The post are notched to help the backs stay put and the amount of tension can easily be adjusted without tools simply by squeezing the curled holder on the backs for tightening or by separating them a little to loosen the grip of the backs on the post. The faces of the backs are sawed into a flower.


These a matched pair all natural Amethyst Agates with Chevron markings, a well matched pair of 10 mm faceted rounds weighing 5.87 carats together. These gems come from Burma, are purple and white, and have had no treatments.

Weights and Measures

These earrings weigh about 4.4 grams.

We started this project by melting down fine silver and pure copper to create an ingot of 93% silver alloy. Consequentially our alloys are a little on the rich side of .925 Sterling. Copper alone is the  remaining 7%. We do not add base metal in our alloy so there is less chance for any allergic reaction.

Thailand’s Gem Markets

Being a gemologist in Thailand makes providing you with the right gemstones a snap. Furthermore, the gem markets here are nothing short of amazing! We shop in four different gem districts across the country and the variety is world class. Additionally, a precision gem cutter is working for our operation. Of course, we also source fine gemstone rough with our worldwide network of contacts in the mining business.

Since we love to travel and shop for gemstones, we do act as a buyer’s guide to the gem markets for any visitor that would like assistance. Often we can meet you at a gem market or even pick you up at the airport to get our adventure started.

Custom cut gemstones

An essential part of our service is custom gemstone cutting. You may supply rough stones for us to have precision faceted or cabbed into the shapes that you desire. In addition, many gemstones that are already native cut will be improved in clarity and light return by a new precision cut.

Custom orders on gemstone cutting are normally ready in just two to three weeks. Message me with details of your gemstone requirements. I will provide the address along with special instructions on shipping stones to us.

Your gems or ours

Select gemstones from our site or send us yours for your own LEE jewelry piece. You may select the main stone plus the exact number of accent stones from right here. Please ask if you do not see exactly the gemstones you are looking for. In addition to our listed gemstones we have thousands more in stock that are ready yet are unlisted.

Please note that we are happy to work with your personal stones but do not have any insurance to protect them. Consequently, the stones will be at your risk only. When we use stones from our store for your custom order we back them for the purchase price. We do not guarantee or insure a stone that we did not sell. That said, it is not common that one breaks or is damaged in setting.

Metal choices

We are happy to make you a custom piece of jewelry with Sterling 925 silver or 18K yellow gold. You may also request that we use 999 silver or 965 yellow gold. Furthermore, you may decide on a combination of our metals such as a gold bezel in a silver ring.

Your design

Select your own style by browsing our online selection catalog with over 500 designs that we have previously created. As an alternative to our catalog you may send photos or even a picture of your sketches about your idea. A custom ordered piece is normally ready for shipping in 30 days or less. We will enter your special piece into the queue as soon as we have your stone selection and you have made your payment. Contact us with your ideas for a fast quote. Agate Amethyst Handmade Sterling Silver Studs, Post Ladies Earrings


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