Blue Sapphire Pear Handmade Sterling 925 Silver Unisex Gents Ladies Ring sz 9.5


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Here is a truly hand-hammered Sterling silver unisex ring with a pear cut faceted Blue Sapphire gemstone. This is a 1.48 carat 11×6.1mm heavily included gem, a naturally mined stone with no known treatments, not even heat. The striking cascade design is perfect for showing off the shape of the stone. A complete bezel holds the stone making it a very secure mounting, however, allows little light to enter the stone when it is worn thus the look is a dark blue. With a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale with this gemstone plus being set in a truly hand hammered mounting means a ring that will stay good looking a long, long time with minimal care. All jewelry should be removed before hard physical work but this one will take some punishment. This is a size 9.5 in America, 19.41 in Germany, 60.3 in Thailand and France, S.75 in England, 19 in Japan, 21 in Switzerland.