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Blue Sapphire Lab Created Half Boule # 33 Synthetic Corundum 37.7 grams


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This is a half boule of Corundum, synthetic Sapphire created in a lab by the Flame Fusion method. This is color # 33 in a darker blue near Kashmir color Corundum that weighs 37.7 grams, 68 x 21 x 12 mm.

A hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, when faceted or cabbed it is suitable for most all types of jewelry.

Notes: 1) These photos are stock pictures of another very similar half boule. You will receive the one that is described and it will look very similar to these pics. 2) Full boules of flame fusion Corundum are not available as these are split in two in the lab to relieve internal tension.

Please feel free to purchase this and then order one or more custom cut gemstones be cut from this rough. All left over pieces will then be shipped along with the finished stones. The queue on custom cut gemstones is about 2 weeks to be ready for shipping.

Custom cut gemstones

An essential part of our service is custom gemstone cutting. You may supply rough stones for us to have precision faceted or cabbed into the shapes that you desire. In addition, many gemstones that are already native cut will be improved in clarity and light return by a new precision cut.

Custom orders on gemstone cutting are normally ready in just two to three weeks. Message me with details of your gemstone requirements. I will provide the address along with special instructions on shipping stones to us.