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Blank Ring Your Size Handmade Custom Order Labor Only You Select Gems Design 122


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This listing is to pay for the smiths labor in creating this blank ring setting that will be made for your choice of gemstone and in your metal selection.

Style # 122

This is a truly handmade unisex gents or ladies ring with a pear shaped gemstone solitaire style # 122 of our online design selection catalog. This graceful style ring showcases the gem in an open and low profile basket secured by a full bezel. Ajoure work was used to create a flow of curves all around the stone, the removed metal leaves the gem exposed to allow light to enter it. Ajoure is the art of cutting away to create an image rather than filigree which is generally wire that has been added and soldered into an opening. The band is built heavy and tapers down towards the back for added comfort.

Create your own special custom ordered jewelry with these steps:

1.) Purchase your blank design such as this one to pay for the labor of the metalsmith.

2.) Purchase your gemstones for your custom piece from our gemstone selection. Please ask if you do not see exactly the gemstones you are looking for.

You may also send us your gemstone, ask for mailing instructions. Additionally you may also keep your previously purchased gem at home and have it set into this blank by your local jeweler or DIY. In order to make a blank that will fit your ‘at home’ gem you need to give us the exact dimensions of your stone and pay a cutting charge of $20 to create a same size substitute gem that the smith will use to build around. This substitute gem will remain our property.

3.) Contact us and tell us your ring size and your choice of the following metal options:
Sterling 92.5 silver 925
Fine 99.9 silver 999
18K yellow gold 750
 23K yellow gold 965
Furthermore, you may decide on a combination of our metals such as an 18K gold bezel in a Sterling silver ring.
4.) We will confirm your order details, make any additional quote and listing, if needed. 18K gold cost are based on the weight at today’s gold spot prices plus 10%. We will make a firm quote on the metal up front if preferred or we can wait until the completion of the piece and determine the actual weight first.
5.) Once we have all the details worked out we will get your project in the queue and have it complete and ready to ship in about 14-30 days.

Metal Content

We melt down fine silver and pure copper to create an ingot of 93% silver alloy for our Sterling 925. Consequentially our alloys are a little on the rich side. Copper alone is the remaining 7%. We do not add base metal in our alloy so there is less chance for any allergic reaction.

Our 18K gold alloy is made in our shop with 76% fine gold, 24% silver and copper to create an ingot of 76% alloy of gold, a little on the rich side of 18k. No base metal is used for the alloy, less chance for any allergic reaction.

When you request fine silver we use at least .999 silver, very white.

When you request 965 gold we use Chinese bars also known as Thai gold, very yellow.

Our technique

All of our jewelry is made with the old fashioned hand hammered technique. We start by alloying an ingot then proceed with hammering, rolling, filing, sawing, soldering, drilling, sanding and polishing. We do not sell castings and there is no glue or factory made findings in this heirloom quality hand crafted jewelry.

Thailand’s Gem Markets:

Being gemologist in Thailand makes providing you with the right gemstones a snap. Furthermore, the gem markets here are nothing short of amazing! We shop in four different gem districts across the country and the variety is world class. Additionally, a precision gem cutter is working for our operation. Of course, we also source fine gemstone rough with our worldwide network of contacts in the mining business.

Since we love to travel and shop for gemstones, we do act as a buyer’s guide to the gem markets for any visitor that would like assistance. Often we can meet you at a gem market or even pick you up at the airport to get our adventure started.

Custom cut gemstones:

An essential part of our service is custom gemstone cutting. You may supply rough stones for us to have precision faceted or cabbed into the shapes that you desire. In addition, many gemstones that are already native cut will be improved in clarity and light return by a new precision cut.

Custom orders on gemstone cutting are normally ready in just two weeks. Message us with details of your gemstone requirements. We will provide the address along with special instructions on shipping stones to us.