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Princess 18.5 Inch Pearl Necklace Cream White Freshwater 8mm Knotted Silver Hook


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This is a lovely 18.5 inch strand of 8 mm cultured freshwater pearls. This princess length was created by my wife with creamy white pearls that are approximately 8 mm off rounds with a nice orient that reflects the light well. Cultured freshwater pearls have natural blemishes and creases that indicate authenticity and these pretty pearls have some of these characteristics. The necklace is strung on real silk with a knot tied between each pearl and bead. The individual knots serve to keep the pearls from rubbing against one another. (It is best not to accept short-cut knotting that only knot between every other or even every 6 pearls as that will not protect the soft pearls from chaffing each other.) Being strung on real silk makes the strand hang beautifully. They lay on a ladies skin like a liquid, following all contours. The synthetic strings do not allow the same beauty, nature does it better.